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Overdrive and headroom


How can I get more headroom with my JaMit FX pedals than?

Most of our drive pedals can be powered up to 18 V (if it’s not otherwise said in the manual). This is the main reason we’re equipping our Juice Power Supply units with 18 V outputs. For more headroom simply power your JaMit FX overdrive pedal by 18 V instead of 9 V. You’ll notice the headroom increase and the pedal will sound more dynamic.

Hmm, the Stack is really dynamic, but I have to power it only with 9V? Why?

A couple of our drive pedals (such as The Stack and Halfstack) have a built-in voltage boost. In case of the Stack, the internal voltage boosting circuit converts the incoming 9 V to +- 15 V. That means that your Stack runs at 30 V – this is the main reason the amp like character and defined tube-like sound.